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A Must Have Utility For All Win9x/ME/2k/XP Users 

Removing files from your system is a lot harder than installing them. Megabytes of junk files on your hard disk waste space, slowdown your system, and conflict with software. The solution to this overcrowded mess is Uninstall Manager. Uninstall Manager is the program that lets you safely remove unwanted software and return your system to its original state. 


New v4.30 now supports Windows XP SP2


Uninstall Manager now uses ERUNT technology for backup/restore of windows registry Click here for more infomation about ERUNT


Control Installations Under Windows 

You just can't trust those installation programs. Sure, they'll copy a new application's essential files to the hard disk, but they'll also add files to existing directories, change .INI files, tweak the Registry, and generally
litter the disk. Yes, Windows includes an Add/Remove programs applet in its Control Panel, but this applet is virtually powerless on its own. It can function only if the installation program includes an uninstall function and provides the applet with all necessary information. If the installation program is old or uncooperative, the Add/Remove Programs applet can't do a thing.

--- This paragraph has been taken from PC Magazine ---


Check all new file additions to your hard disk. ( No need for installation monitoring ) 

The ability to store and restore windows settings. ( Never worry about changes made to your windows by software installations again ) 

Overwrite Checking to be sure that your windows .dll's has not been changed. 

Faster than all other uninstallation programs. 

Easy to use, Windows Explorer type user interface. 

Includes tools for cleaning temporary files.  

Test it your self

Download Uninstall Manager and install it on your system. Then Install 2 or more programs then uninstall them with their own uninstallers. (from add/remove) After that, run Uninstall Manager and check for new additions.Probably you will find some leftover files. (like game saves, some directories, some log files etc.) This is why Uninstall Manager is a need for a clean uninstallation. 

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